Time to sell one of our rental properties and

were just wondering whether has anyone on here used Doorsteps successfully?

It is a low value (for the area) one bed flat in a nice small block in a good area, it is now immaculate and the market is hot, so would anyone have a go with Doorsteps or would you use an Estate Agent?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and opinions.

A few years ago I wanted to sell and used Doorsteps first. Good service and went smooth to register/take photos etc. However, no viewings scheduled at all in over 3 weeks.

Tried the local estate agent for a few weeks and they got some people through the door, but no offers.

Decided to let instead.

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I used I Am The Agent to sell a property a few years ago. It went very well and the cost was low but the vendor has to do the viewings. It was over 4 years ago though so I can’t say what their service is like today.

For around a £100 you could try it for a few weeks and if not move onto a different agent.