Transferring Council Tax payments to new tenant

Hello, this is a really basic question … but I am about to rent my flat, and the tenant will take responsibility for paying council tax. Currently my council tax bill is split into 10 instalments (with no payments in Feb/March), so each month’s bill is higher than it would be if it was split into 12 instalments. When the tenant takes it over, will they be committed to paying this higher rate? They might not stay long enough to benefit from the ‘free’ months. Or does the council just recalculate the remainder for the year? Many thanks

do not bother your head ,tell them when the new liability starts .they will do the rest. Either you will be asked for a payment or you will get a refund

Thank you Colin that’s helpful

You’ve no obligations here. Tell the council your move-out date and tell the tenant to register for council tax. Your payment schedule should have no bearing on theirs; the council will work out if you have under or over-paid.


Thanks v much Ciaran!

It’s quite possible your local council will let you do this online - mine does, it takes a couple of minutes to advise the council of move out\move in dates. Once done, the council should reissue the bill in the tenant’s name at the correct time; after that it’s all between the tenant & the council (eg. I’ve had mature students move in before, so they were paying £0, whilst my council doesn’t give the slightest discount for fully furnished empty property so I was paying full rate during the void period)

Thanks Vijay! v helpful

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