UK phone number- not so clever ... D'acc!

I’m trying to respond to this post - and to Sophie24 in particluar - but you’ve shut it down too quickly.

I agree with the Sophie24, who said:
Hey, it’s 2020, people travel, I’m a French citizen moving to London and I dont have a UK number yet- I can’t send any request on Openrent - time to update the verification process unless it’s a non-foreign disguised policy

Or at least allow landlords who can manage the predicament the opportunity to contact a potential tenant. This remark by way of reply is unhelpful and fatuous: Landlords need a UK-based number since they need to be situated in the UK in order to show tenants around the property and manage the property once a tenant is found. Some landlords might be able to handle things like foreign phone numbers.

I don’t see a ‘Message Tenant Enquiries’ button on the site anywhere - perhaps s/o can unlock Sophie24’s message to allow a response ? Or Sophie: what are you looking for by way of an apartment (I’m a landlord) ?

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As another landlord, I totally agree - I’m perfectly capable of handling non-uk telephone numbers. There’s nothing stopping OpenRent allowing them for tenants. They’re not exactly hard to understand.
There might be technical reasons in the OpenRent codebase around why use them yet, but the answer they gave on that post was a bit of a cop-out.

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