UK phone number- not so clever :(

Hey, it’s 2020, people travel, I’m a French citizen moving to London and I dont have a UK number yet- I can’t send any request on Openrent - time to update the verification process unless it’s a non-foreign disguised policy :sweat_smile:


Unfortunately we do require a verified UK phone number to register on the OpenRent site.

Landlords need a UK-based number since they need to be situated in the UK in order to show tenants around the property and manage the property once a tenant is found.

Further to this, from the tenant perspective we have found landlords are far less likely to respond to a foreign number, and for viewings, tenants must be in the UK to conduct a viewing. However, tenants can always use the “Message Landlord” button on our listing pages to contact a landlord without needing to verify a phone number. Verification is only needed to book a viewing, or use Rent Now.