Unauthorised Water meter installation

We have requested that our tenants don’t install a water meter. Can we do anything about it if they do

Well, based on where I live (Thames Water) there is nothing I can do as a householder, they just install them without consent, so your tenants might be in same situation and there is nothing they can do either


Do your tenants work for a water company and install meters as their job? If they do, it’s quite unreasonable of you to ask them to not do their job. If they don’t, they also won’t install a water meter.

A water company can install a water meter without needing permission under certain conditions. They then won’t need authorisation at all.

The only thing you can do is ask your tenants to not ask the water company for a water meter.if their tenancy is less than six months, the tenants shouldn’t ask for a meter without your permission according to https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/research-briefings/cbp-7342/

What you can do if a water meter gets installed at your property? Realistically, nothing. You can try to complain and see if it helps. Probably not.

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