Universal credit

I still work but part time is it possible if landlords accepts universal credit as I just applied due to pandemic ???

In my view, having been watching this forum for a few months now, many will, especially while the Covid19 crisis is still ongoing, but not all.

Check with the DWP as to when and how much they will give you towards ‘housing costs’, as you may not have put a figure in for this when you made your claim.

When applying for a place, state that you will be relying on universal credit until your part-time work becomes full-time again. This will be helpful to landlords, and possibly engender warmth towards you.

However, to get started you must have at your disposal around nine weeks rent worth of cash in your bank account to cover the holding deposit, the first month’s rent and the deposit that is put aside in case you damage anything.

It would be wise to find a guarantor if you could, but they and you need to have a net annual income of 30 times your annual rental charge, or put another way, your rent is to be 35% or less of the tenant’s / guarantor’s income to pass the usual affordability criterion. Don’t let this stop you if you can’t match this criterion or you can’t find a guarantor, as many will take you on without a guarantor: just be patient, read the advert notes carefully to ensure your compatibility with the landlord’s requirements, and apply to as many as you can find that suites both you and your transport needs.

Good luck

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It’s actually a valid point.