Unwanted holding deposit made

This is the downside of Open Rent. Is there not a phone number to call them for help ? I have had an unwanted holding deposit made when the people involved haven’t even seen the property or I have not agreed to let them view, so how do I return the strange amount of £196. All help will be appreciated as have only used Open Rent once before. Maggie

You can reject it on your dashboard. I agree it is a blooming nuisance though. Causes all kinds of problems. I make it very clear on my adverts now NOT to place a holding deposit until it is mutually agreed.

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Thank you Steve for the info. I was really surprised that prospective tenants are allowed to do this without the Landlord’s consent. It is almost like they are laying a marker down to say it’s MINE. I haven’t engaged with this woman at all and she had not been to see the property. Very weird, but I will take your tip of stating No Deposits until mutually agreed. To be honest this time using Open Rent hasn’t been very successful. A lot of dross coming through. I have a lot of properties and will go back to Your Move on this one as they have cut me a good deal this time.

Many thanks

Does YourMove have a no dross policy?

I think getting a lot of desperate people vying for every property is par for the course recently and only going to get worse. Small landlords are selling up in droves as the government continue to wind up the general public into further tarring us all with the same greedy and immoral brush.

Tighten up your prescreening questions, ignore anyone who doesn’t respond to them, make it clear no holding deposits unless you agree and be ruthless in weeding out the no-hopers and time wasters. It’s a skill, that is for sure.

Also, to be fair I would not jump straight to blaming anyone for putting a holding deposit down before agreement.
I use Rent Now which is GREAT in every way but there is often confusion about holding desposits.

i guess from tenant perspective openrent have set it up to make it look like this is something landlords welcome, so the tenants are probably thinking you will be thrilled to have this unwelcome deposit paid to you and they get a shock when you cancel it. its a system designed to cause disappointment and disputes.


Yes, I agree. I am still struggling to know how to return or refuse this deposit as there is no telephone number to call OIpen Rent which is the downside of all this online stuff.

No of course not, but I have a word in their ear first however politically correct it might not be. I know who I want and who I don’t want in my properties. Agencies just go by tick boxes so you have to check it through yourself before deciding


I still can’t see it on the dashboard ? and Open Rent have confirmed it has been paid

Such a polite way to speak about people who are looking for somewhere to live … dross…

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i thought that too when i read it


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