Deposit to secure tenancy

Hi all.

I recently paid a holding deposit in the hope of securing a property. The landlord has emailed ne directly stating that until i view the property i should not have been able to place a holding deposit. I have sent him the confirmation email showing i have paid this but now i fear it was a mistake paying this. I have looked for a cancel holding deposit on OpenRent so i can get refunded but can not find the option. Do any of you know how i can do this. Many Thanks.

Landlord needs to do this.

Never pay upfront.

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defo a mistake. The landlord is correct . Hope he is a good guy and sorts it for you

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Lets hope so as with getting money together to secure a tenancy then money for removal company and time off work i don’t need the added stress of thinking have i thrown 200 quid away.

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The landlord needs to reject your holding deposit.

I gave Landlord a deposit of £500 (£250 immediately & £250 payable in June as did the girl I am sharing the room with. We were told room ready to rent 1st week in June at a cost of £1000 per month. Did not get the lease and told it would be given to us the day we started work. Despite this the room has not been available due to work and waiting for equipment. When we last went to put up some shelves it smelt strongly of damp. She said they ad painted it three times and that is what I smelt, paint, on three occasions. We said we couldn’t work in a damp room as a) we need a sterile environment and b) the other girl suffers from asthma. We also said she wasn’t giving us a lease and we were unable to work.
She then said our holding deposit was non-refundable and unless we both paid the other £250 she would hold onto the items we had already taken there.
I sent her a letter and her response was to send us an invoice for the £500 and a further month’s rent of £1000 despite having no lease.
What should I do I need my equipment back including my framed certificates, Insurance documents and stock. Thank you

do you have any keys to the place ?

No we never got a lease or keys.

do you have her address? Did you check she owns the property?

No only her shop address and other director’s 2nd firm

Call the Council housing dept or Shelter for advice. There are bigger issues here that would take too long to unpick.

i think youhave been stitched up

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