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Hi everyone

I’m looking for an opinion I’m about to renew the tenancy contract with the same tenant. They agreed to pay the rent I asked for but they asked me to replace the washing machine. Also, they asked my permission as they want to paint the property.

I’m happy with them but so far this year I spent money on some emergency work to unblock drainage, replaced the electric shower and this is the second washing machine (the current one I bought from second hand) but the one that is about to install I bought appliances direct refurbishment machine.

I’d like to include on the contract a few lines for the safety of the washer and dryer
Would I be breaking the standard contract by doing it?

Firstly, there is no need to renew tenancies. They just become rolling periodic when they expire, which is generally better for the landlord as it gives you more flexibility and less admin and cost.

Secondly, I wouldnt tinker with the wording unless youre legally trained. It can cause all kinds of problems and undo other important clauses.

I would say that fitting cheap second hand washing machines is a false economy since you will likely have to renew them more often and keep paying for fitting and disposal.

I would never let a tenant decorate a property themselves. You dont know the standard of their work and you would have no comeback. If it needs redecorating, get a decorator in and put ghe rent up using a s13 notice.

Thanks, David for your response,

The washing machine is new I agree with you the cheap machine could cut costs and also bring more expenses later, not sure about rolling without an agreement for this current tenant I used agent and I do not want to use them anyone as I felt it was very stressful so far in the past I did everything according with the housing regulations I haven’t any problem.

Rolling tenancies are your best bet.

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I had appliances in all my properties, I have now given them to the tenants and absolved any liability with them. My life has become much quieter and manageable.


If you wouldn’t trust a tenant decorating a property, l am amazed you trust a tenant to move in full stop! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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in all fairness there are Decorators and decorators


Im sure that some tenants are perfectly capable of decorating a property to a high standard, but Ive also seen quite a few decorating horrors where the quality of workmanship and choice of materials were very poor. The problem is, the people who did it didn’t see a problem. We all have different standards when it comes to DIY. A landlord doesnt know in advance what the tenants standards are and has little redress if the work is sub-standard. Its therefore better to agree only if theyre bringing professionals in.


Thank you I agree so true. Also, I think colour needs to be agreed upon; my flat is painted white so far never had any problem and this current tenant has been keeping the flat outstanding well-decorated eco friendly I was so happy when I visited her recently. Hope she continues to look after for me


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