Update: Tenants complaining about electricity, claiming that energy is being stolen from the ground floor house [maisonette]

-Just an update to my previous post
Tenants are threatening legal action over parking spaces but we have already given them parking permits, any advice? - #7 by David122

I have also sought out TDS resolutions as a mediator in this case, regrettably so. Despite TDS claiming to be impartial, I’ve heard that they favour the tenants. -

Tensions are continuing to rise.

Our property is a maisonette, with us owning the first and second floors while the ground floor is divided into a separate house. The tenants are claiming that the ground floor occupants have access to the electricity and so they no longer want to pay for it anymore.

‘’I would like also to know the truth about the person that has access to the garden as the electricity is in common and we are no longer wanting to pay the electricity for anyone. We also would like to access that side of the property to make sure no one is using our electricity and our water’’.

Today, I called the block management to confirm that the electricity is not shared. The property was also vacant from November 21st, 2022 to February 6th, 2023. So if the ground floor occupant was using the electricity, I would know based on the energy consumption during that period. Fortunately, there was no evidence of foul play. However, to my surprise, there was an unpaid debt of £460 for that same period. It seems that the tenant did not provide a meter reading when they moved into the property (I didn’t realize you could create new energy accounts without providing readings). The reading for November 21st, 2022 was correct, but the reading for February 6th, 2023 was only estimated. Luckily, I had taken pictures of the reading as a precaution. The charge has been revised and I do not have to pay for the debt, but it has been transferred to the tenants. I also know that their energy consumption was high as they invited me over the property on the 28th of April to show them how to turn off the boiler. The heating was clearly turned on all day when they were out at work. I suspect that these new changes, on top of their current grievances, will cause a massive backlash.

Honestly, I don’t know what to do anymore. Is there anything I can do to prepare myself for when they eventually complain again.


I have requested the details of the property advertisement and it seems like there is actually no parking.

As the tenant has declined my final attempt at mediation, I have drawn up a draft of my final notice. Is there anything I need include or remove in the final notice? Untitled document - Google Docs

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Did you close any interim account in your name and give the supplier the tenants name when they moved in? If so then whether the tenant registered for an account or not, you should not be held liable.

You cleatly do need to resolve what is connected to the meter that covers you property. You might need to speak to the supplier or and electrician to establish this.