My tenant is still paying for energy but she's left

My tenant suffered a serious illness during last 6 months of tenancy and eventually left. We tried to help her as much as we could. But although she told us she had informed utilities (energy, water, council tax) of her move, she hadn’t. The water and council tax fairly easy to solve but the energy compnay won’t discuss with me, and I am relying on my ex-tenant phoning them. I’m fairly inexperienced at being a landlord with one property in small market town, have been lucky so far, but now I am on a steep learning curve!

Surely you just tell the utility company that you need to open an account in your name as you now have responsibility for the supply. They will stop billing her once you start paying

Good luck with energy company , did YOU read the meter? If so hold your ground

Thanks David. I’ve since heard from my tenant that she’s in a dispute with them. I’m not getting involved in that if I can help it. The energy company told me to rearrange the account when I had a new tenant but I’m sure they’ll write to the address once they.hear from her she’s moved out.

I read it and sent the readings on the day we got the keys back, but it’s really difficult to get hold of anybody at the moment so I could only contact their customer services. I’ve told them on the phone now I took readings, and I asked them to get the meters read. I expect it will work its way out. Thanks.

You have done your bit I have had this problem many times and I just leave them to it

Has the tenancy ended or the tenant just decided to leave?

It has ended. She gave notice and paid rent. I’m going to write to Shell Energy today and set out the facts, and ask for an interim account in my name, as we are doing a bit of work to the house.

Just tell the utilities suppliers that you are legal owner and give

  1. the final meter readings
  2. tenants forwarding address or contact details email /mobile number to send the final bill
  3. change bill into you address

If they say anything then just tell them this is the standard way of doing it and they will do it and as a landlord it’s your responsibility inform the utilities suppliers.

I have been told many times that tenant have to call them but once I tell them clearly and they do it straight away

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