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Hi,If I am international student and don’t arrive at UK. I saw a flat and want to placing the holding deposit,but I don’t have UK number. Is that means I can’t rent in this website,right? Many thanks.

Most landlords don’t welcome a holding deposit until they have spoken to the applicant and agreed to rent it to them. At that point, you can make arrangements with landlords outside the Openrent system.

You should contact the landlord and tell them you’re interested.

Hi Tian, very difficult for foreign students to rent privately, especially before arriving to UK. Your Uni should provide some advice, or you can try the excellent Hello Student website, or the probably cheaper Unite Students website https://www.unitestudents.com/. I know from my daughter’s experience that Hello Students has very good quality student accommodation and a lot of international students rent through them. https://www.hellostudent.co.uk/
Good luck to you!

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