International payments

*I have three international students who desperately want to start the Rent Now process but have no UK bank and no access to a UK debit card. Are they any online banks/mobile app banks that can be set up to get over this hurdle? Starling/Chase/Monzo or Revolut :man_shrugging:t2: Has anyone come up with a workaround? The property is on my girlfriend’s profile, so was wondering if there was a way for me to pay the holding deposit on their behalf if they paid me?
Also if Rent Now is not initiated how do I utilise the contract writing part of the process as have paid £69 for bells n whistles with tenancy creation. If not able to be used will rent now credit remain on the account for next time? Thanks in advance? Hamish

I def wouldn’t be paying anything on their behalf.

Is it a hurdle at all? If they want to pay you from overseas make sure that they calculate the right exchange rate to get you the rent in the correct sterling value and suck up the charges, that’s their lookout. My bank (Cooperative) don’t charge me anything for receiving payments in foreign currency. Just give them the IBAN and ask them to pay the holding deposit from their foreign bank account.

If they can’t manage that, then I’d move on. Any applicant with a hurdle must be able to get over it themselves as far as I’m concerned. Plenty more out there if not.


to be honest if they are bona fide students then there is absolutely nothing stopping them having UK bank accounts. I have foreign students and all have UK accounts. Its a bit strange for them to be applying now, term starts October… you had share codes from them and checked their right to rent yet?

They sound academic and young, so not particularly switched on I guess!! I have spoken to them and they do sound genuine but their course doesn’t start until January.(post graduates) Have had plenty of international students in the past and as demand is so fierce here in rainy Manchester it’s all advanced rent upfront, contracts set for next week but physical check in not for another month. People from overseas understand that they need to make themselves stand out so put in much better offers I’ve found. I knew holding deposit needed a UK debit card but didn’t realise remaining balance for first months rent/deposit could be paid via international bank

Sure I understand and agree :blush: was just trying to get the finances and contract signed and sorted asap so I can go back home for Xmas next week. I’m staying at the property as just finished renovations but need to get out quickly as like living in a showhome and it’s doing my head in lol!! :joy: :joy:

so they didn’t provide you with share codes yet…