Urgent help needed

hi, I’m not sure if this is allowed so I’m really sorry if it isn’t.
I am hoping someone somewhere will know how to help.
my mum is end of life and my brother who has autism and severe learning disabilities needs to come live with me, this means I have to find a 4 bedroom property to rent ASAP.
I have searched for what seems an eternity but many places will not allow a dog or dss.
I’m praying someone will have an idea of where to look or who to contact, I currently have 3 children, 1 whom also has autism.
I’m at my whits end as this is a matter of urgency.
again I apologise if this is not allowed on the page, I’m just in real need of help!

Might help if you say where you are looking?

I know they are not known for acting quickly, but if you are in an emergency situation have you contacted your council? Or will someone like Shelter, any agencies that are helping with your mum, be able to do anything for you?