Contact request

Hiya, I’m hoping someone can help me. I’m a carer for my mum and she rents a house from aman called GED Dunbar but she doesnt have his number. Does anyone have his number so i can get in contact with him? Thanks

Not really an optimal solution, but don’t pay the rent one month and I am sure he will be in touch. I would be very suspicious of any landlord who didn’t make sure that their tenant has their full contact details. I say that as a landlord. Good luck.

Thanks for that, it has happened because my dad died and he had all the contact details. My mum has mental health issues and didnt deal with Bill’s or affairs. It really has left me a lot to sort out and the landlord himself was dealing with my sibling who took the opportunity to empty the house of valuables whilst mum was hospitalised. It’s been crap.

I’m looking for 3bedrooms house for rent with private landlord please don’t send me anymore 1 or 2 bedrooms only 3 bedrooms if you have thank

Hi we have 3 bedroom flat in Victorian house middle floor . Flat is from front of house to back . SW165RY

Ok when can I see it

Can I view this house please