Urgent tenant advice required

Good evening all, I need some help as a matter of urgency please.

I gave my letting agent 1 months notice to move out of my current property August 13th with the move out date being 13th September. However the property I was looking to move into wasn’t going to be available on time. I asked the letting agent to clear it with the landlord for me to stay and extra month beyond the notice period, as I thought my situation would be resolved. Unfortunately I am due to move out 13th October and the property to move into won’t be available until 26th October, which is definite now. I’ve reached out to ask for an extra month to give some flexibility and this afternoon I received this.

Sorry about the delay. Forwarded the message to the landlord and I awaited a response.

Spoken to them today. They had got their head around you leaving and re-renting because the market has got a lot better.

They would currently command a rent of around £1900 PCM for the property. They are happy for you to stay but would want the rent increasing to that.

I’m sorry, I know that’s not what you wanted to hear.

Let me know your thoughts.

The rent was only increased a few months ago by £100 per month, the figure quoted today is an extra £500 on top of the £1400 I’m currently paying.

Is this allowed to happen? I feel like I’m being blackmailed into extortion to pay this amount for an extra month as I’ve no other options. It doesn’t legally feel right to me, reaching out for any help on this please members.
Kind regards

would it be cheaper to store your stuff and. book into a cheap hotel,? or sofa surf ?

I’ve got 2 Children and 2 dogs,it’s not straightforward but I have considered that. Thanks for the reply

What is your contract clause ref rent increase?
It is standard once every twelve months so read your contract.
Rental increases are subject to one rental month notice ( read your contract). What is the anniversary date of your rent payment?
Have they served a section 13?
If not do not pay increase
Paying increase implies you accept it.

The landlord needs to give you a minimum of two months notice for a rent increase and you can appeal this if you think it’s excessive. The landlord has no legal right to increase the rent like that. He also can’t make you move out when you said, it might be frustrating for him if he has someone lined up to move in at a higher rent but you are fully entitled to stay with or without his permission.

Of course you could always do the right thing and move out on the date you stated (13th October) after all it seems that you have agreed to do just that. If you were to move out you then would not be subject to the blackmail and extortion that you suggest.

You may choose to check out this website, https://landlordlawblog.co.uk/ along with the article
(How can these tenants who have given notice be made to leave?) also have a look at:
Distress for Rent Act 1737

I would say whilst not having read all of the article or the details of the rent act 1737 so not aware that they may be totally relevant to your case.

So, what do you expect? There’s a lot of work to sort this out and deal with admin and uncertainty.

You clearly didn’t plan ahead in terms of overlapping your properties so either pay or move out.

No Brett, as she has given notice, which has been accepted, she is no longer a tenant on the 13th of October. If she wants to stay longer the LL can ask whatever he likes.

You are not in a strong position with the current labdlord. Your notice will end your tenancy and if you don’t leave you would be a trespasser and the landlord can change the locks whilst you’re out. You would also be liable for double the previous rent under the Act mentioned above. If the landlord allows you to stay, it would be a brand new tenancy, whether they give you a new agreement or not. They can therefore set a new rent on pretty much whatever terms they wish.

What is your position with the new property? Have you signed a contract for a tenancy to begin on 13 October? If so then the landlord/agent is contractually committed to providing you with accommodation from that day. As long as you pay the agreed rent from that date, they should cover the cost of any temporary accommodation, such as a hotel or Airbnb. Alternatively they could offer you another property short term or pay the extra rent being demanded by your current landlord. You should explain to them when your existing tenancy ends and insist they cover any additional costs.

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Yes one rent increase per annum, I’ve not accepted it. I wasn’t sure that I am still covered under the AST due to my one month notice period finishing?

So I think both David and myself have made it clear you don’t have a tenancy after the 13th of October. That means any terms of the old tenancy are not in force.

Pay what the LL wants and chalk it up to experience.

I’m moving into a property I’m purchasing, it is part of a chain with bumps in the road. Everything is now sorted and the sale will complete 26th October.

Purchases are often delayed. Your solicitor should really have told you not to give notice until you have exchanged contracts on your purchase. Yes you would pay some rent extra that you may not need but that’s the price of having the security of the property being available for you.

The landlord has no responsibility to you so either pay or leave.


Look at it a different way. If the place you’re renting really is worth £1900 pcm, you’ve been getting a bargain for the last few years.

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It’s most definitely not though, hence my gripe. They know my situation and using it to the best of their ability