Use my contract in rent now

Hello and thank you for reading

I am loving Open Rent and have used for three times now and always been quick for finding tenants.

But I rent now will NEVER use it because I can use my own contract. I am a landlord for many years and have used my own contract for many years and not had any problem, legal, and so on.

So please let the landlords use his own contract!

Hi Mezut, thanks for this feedback! Glad to hear you’ve had a great experience finding tenants with OpenRent.

We’re aware that some landlords would like to use their own contracts and are looking closely at accommodation of this within Rent Now. Rent Now involves several important stages, such as us collecting and securing the tenancy deposit, the first month’s rent, etc., which must be addressed and explained within any tenancy agreement used, in order to make sure the tenancy is legal.

At the moment, that means that we can only support the use of the OpenRent AST, which can be viewed here.

Landlords are, however, free to add custom clauses to the agreement where they feel necessary. And as you know, landlords are already perfectly free to use their own contracts with OpenRent tenants outside of our Rent Now service.

I’ll update this thread as things develop!


Yes I am using own contracts now for tenancies.

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Mezut, May I ask what is so different about your contract?