Using savings in reference checks

I am undergoing the referencing check process and as a postgraduate student a lot of my income is based on savings. I don’t feel I’ve been able to accurately represent this in the application system, however I think it’s a crucial part of my income to get me to pass the checks.

Ideally I want to provide a bank statement to prove this but haven’t been able to in my application. Will openrent follow me up for this evidence or will I automatically fail the referencing?

Any experience or knowledge would be greatly appreciated!

Personally I wouldn’t accept anyone who had savings as one day it’s there and next it’s gone!

It would automatically fail referencing. Savings arent income. If you have savings you could offer an upfront payment of 6 or 12 months rent, some landlords would accept this, particularly if your income is likely to increase.

Not sure it will fail the referencing automatically as I just have a self employed prospective tenant passed the reference check by RightMove with 0 income but some savings.

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