Using WhatsApp?

Hi, I was wondering how do landlords here communicate with their tenants? With my last tenant I used WhatsApp for most communications besides sending out EPC cert etc. by email at the beginning of the tenancy. He served his notice to leave, which I accepted, via WhatsApp as well.

WhatsApp is easier to communicate through but is it ok and recommended to use? Would WhatsApp messages stand up in a court of law? Or should communications be best left solely to email? I prefer not to use text messaging as the main form of communication if incase I’m out of the country etc. Thanks in advance.

Depends if your properties are nearby I go and see them or E mail

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I use Whatsapp as its easier & quicker for a tenant to send pics of issues. I actually dread when i get a whatsapp from a tenant because it obviously means an issue.
If you had to use it in court one day a simple screengrab will do i guess.


Interesting topic.

As a tenant, I only email my landlord, unless there’s an urgent issue (e.g. smelling gas) and then I call them.

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