Notification of tenant interest via Whatsapp?

Dear all,
Is there anyway of being notified of tenant enquiries via Whatsapp or generally speaking what ways are there to be notified about enquiries?
Thank you for your feedback

Email & text are the norm, im guessing your overseas hence wanting to use the WhatsApp yet dont forget that the app requires internet usage to work so better to use email in any event is my advice for easy good paper trail and consistency.

Hi Thomas, I’ll explain this in a way that makes sense to all readers, so apologies if you know some of it already.

Enquiries can be made via phone, text, email or our website. We pass all these enquiries on to you via email. We’ll also send a text if it’s a reasonable time of day.

There are two kinds of enquiry you can get: viewing requests and questions .You can manage all your enquiries from your My Enquiries Dashboard.

Viewing requests

This is when a tenant would like to view the property. We email you, passing on their message and their details to you and ask you to reply within 48 hours to discuss their application and arrange a viewing.

When you get a viewing request, we will send you:

  • An email to your registered account
  • An SMS to your mobile if it’s within sociable hours

Change your message preferences here.


If a tenant wants to find out more before asking to view your property, then can send you a question.

When you get a question, we will send you:

  • An email to your registered account

The contact details of you and the tenant will remain hidden to protect your privacy. This lets you have a conversation without needing to give away your details (unless you choose to share them).

Pre-screening question for tenants

You can create a set of standard questions for all tenants to answer before they apply to your property.

We will then send you their answers along with their enquiry. This helps you efficiently find out more information about tenants without having to message them all individually.

Here is a guide to setting up pre-screening.