Want to move the intial deposit to advance rent

My tenant made a deposit of one week. Now he wants to move that as an advance rental payment. We have agreed to have a zero deposit. Please suggest how to do it. I have written to open rent.

does that not sound as if he is short of cash?

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Why are you bothering with this tenant ,he sounds like trouble from the start.
There are hundreds of good tenants out there who will jump through hoops to get decent accommodation and pay the required deposit/rental.
Do yourself a favour and bypass this one, a couple of extra weeks empty will be far better than no rent at all after the first month.


I don’t like the sound of that

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Dump them, this one will be trouble. If they can’t save a few quid for deposit……

This is what is supposed to happen with a holding deposit. What’s the problem?!


OpenRent takes a holding deposit of one weeks rent to secure the property. If tenancy created then this goes towards first months rent. Tenant then pays remainder of rent plus deposit (if any). If you have already agreed no deposit then there is nothing to worry about.


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