Advise for a poor credit CCJ, what are the best way to find a place

Hi all,

I am currently looking for a flat.I always been honest and upfront when looking for a flat, however I have a poor credit score.
I have not been careful with my finance and I am taking the consequences.
The reason I have a poor credit score I have a CCJ and default in 2019. Both are from pay day loans have been paid but will unfortunately be present on my credit report. I am improving my credit score but these two alone are killing my score.
I have since then improve my credit score and financial situation.
Due to my situation I am willing to pay rent upfront.

Is there anything else that might help me to get a flat.

Thank you in advance for your help,

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we all make mistakes and pay for it. Be upfront with the landlord when you apply for a place .I am a landlord and like an honest upfront tenant


Thank you for your reply Colin,

I always do especially that I am more likely fail the credit check.

Have you been in this situation with tenant application.

I wanted to know if landlord accept my situation.

I also found few company such “Housing hand” which can provide guarantor service when applying for a flat.

i did have a tenant application who earned 45K and had a ccj of 8k no attempt to pay it off and he never declared it first to me. I rejected him .He was not upfront, which I count as being dishonest. A good guarrantor for yourself is essential.


Unfortunatley, the facts show that taking on people with previous history is like knowingly sticking your hand in the fire. 99% of Landlords wouldnt take that risk, I did once and got burned.Never again.

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Hi, for Landlords it’s about the risk. If you fail the credit check (which you will with a CCJ), they won’t be able to get insurance (missed rent insurance). However (as a landlord) I have been in this position before where an applicant had 3 CCJ’s from a previous marriage…but he was up front about it and offered to pay 3 months up front.
That was still too much risk for me (as after the 3 months he may not have paid anything further), so I said I would accept if he paid 3 months that I would hold as the LAST 3 months rent (in addition to the security deposit). Then he paid the rent as normal and if he ever stopped paying…I would give notice and evict him (hoping that would take no longer than 3 months)…then I wouldn’t be out of pocket. It was all fully documented.
So…I’d reccomend you are upfront about your CCJ…and if possible offer to pay additional months up front. A rent guarantor will be essential also.


What do you for a living if I may ask?

Unfortunately Daniel, albeit it an excellent approach, I believe it would be deemed illegal now with the new legislation on deposits / bonds.

I think we should adopt the USA system of first and last months rent in advance + the dilapidations bond. Wishful thinking I’m afraid!

I doubt they will assist you if you have enough money to pay rent in advance. They would perceive that you therefore have enough money to pay your bond, which is all they are standing guarantor for.

A good private / financially secure guarantor is your best bet.

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If no guarantor is possible then you would need to look at other site that offer listings from private people or even cards in shop windows. most private landlords will ask for a reference only. renting private i have never been credit checked. Me and My Gf have good credit in stable jobs unaffected by covid yet when we look at flats the landlords pick other people so sometimes even all of that doesn’t help

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I’ve accepted a tenant with a CCJ in the past. He was a joint tenant with a girlfriend whose credit record was perfect so I considered that mitigated the risk a little. His dad was prepared to be his guarantor. I wanted to give him a chance as he was a genuinely likeable young man who seemed to be trying his best in life.
However after a few months he defaulted. I had to chase the dad and he did step in somewhat reluctantly after chasing up. Both tenants chose to leave for personal reasons. After they’d gone the next tenants had debt collectors round looking for him and this caused them great distress.

no ccj tenants for me ever


I did accept one tenant with a ccj that had been paid. It was for a mobile phone contract payment sent to her old address when she moved and issued in default. Openrent’s partner agency Rentguard were able to see that the ccj had been satisfied when doing her reference. If you have paid yours then that should also be the case.


Only way, get a guarantor

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I have a tenant who had a CCJ, I took him on with a Guarantor.
He has since tried to wriggle out of not paying , but he is furloughed with money coming in. No worries , I will go see your Guarantor ( mum and Dad ). He hasnt missed a beat since. Proves you cant trust anyone especially with a CCJ.


I’ve been in the position where myself and partner rented a house (via a reputable estate agent) and after 2 weeks of living there, the bailiffs showed up looking for the landlord!! They bailiffs gave us nothing but grief and tried to get into the house. Another team of bailiffs arrived the following months, also looking for the landlord for another debt.

They were not pleasant experiences.

Keep your lease and coucil tax bills handy and all matters like that to show them

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I should have stated that this was for a previous landlord and not my current one.

However, you’re correct Colin, I have ensured that I keep all relevant paperwork to prove who I am following those encounters.


To get a CCJ you have to have been taken to court and lost, then if you dont pay in 30 days it becomes a CCJ. If you pay within 30 days no CCJ.
So its apparent to me that anyone with a CCJ cant be trusted an inch.( old english for 25.4mm ).

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Not necessary be taken to Court!! I received a CCJ in October last year. Sent to an address that somehow was my son’s address? I WAS NOT TAKEN to court as you say Leslie1. Now I a, in the situation like alot of people during this shitty time. Battling to rent. I got a CCJ from 2015, when I had to quickyl leave the country as my youngest son passed away from Cancer. I cleared all my accounts prior to going, but forgot on…it was about £720, now it’s £4186. Yes, I am paying it back, but am struggling to rent now, as was made redundant in the fiorst lockdowns last year, and have had to get myself a job that pays a helluva lot less!