Wanting something in writing before signing a TA


I am looking to rent a flat.

So, I asked the letting agent about whether there had been any complaints lodged by the previous tenant against the neighbours, and to also put the answer in writing. They went on the their system and said no complaints were made in the past 4 years, but they said they will not put it in writing, because it can be used against them in court. But this why I would like it in writing.

Would you consider this a red flag? Best way to proceed?

Thanks for your help.

Well, exactly!

Tricky situation. If they’re not willing to say it in writing, then perhaps you could ask them to get in touch with the existing tenants and ask them?

Oh also - I strongly doubt such a ‘system’ exists! They probably scrolled through their inbox.

Hi Sam,

Previous tent has already left. So just left with what they said. I think they are unwilling, as practice, just to keep things simple for them, but I would have thought if she told me over the phone, then why not in writing.

They are covering their backs in case something has happened that they dont know about