Waste Management in Private Rented Properties

Hello everyone,

I am trying to establish the responsibilities of tenants and the landlords or management agency in private rented properties in general when it comes to waste management.

Landlords more often than not pay a fortune to clear away rubbish abandoned or left by previous tenants as they leave a property at the end of a tenancy or are evicted. I am aware that local authorities have the duty of care by law to take away general rubbish from domestic properties. Why is it that many tenants believe that because they pay council tax, it is not their responsibility to deal with the waste they generate and in most cases landlord pay the price especially in cases of evictions or poor relationships.

Both tenants and landlords do have a responsibility. Does it work in reality?

The debate is to establish a responsibility, identify gaps in tenancy agreements and develop a framework for a better understanding of how we can create an environmental friendly business and a good livelihood for all .Thanks for your opinion.

Try telling that to some tenants

Morning Colin,
I am not a Landlord, but I do say that to tenants. Professionally, I do talk to tenants about it and even on private basis I do the same. A lot of tenants like to transfer their responsibility to others especially when it comes to waste they have generated.

Hi Colin,
Another way of telling the tenant is by stating it very clearly in the tenancy agreement and could be deducted form the deposit in order to mitigate such issues. Think about it.

Hi Canisius Tenants find it easy to bring furniture in and hard to take it out ,especially big settees . I had to cut one up into 3 parts to get it to the tip. On the other hand I have had tenants who call the council who will collect for a small fee. Most are ok with the recycling part… If they leave a cooker behind i take it to the scrap yard for cash. If its a wooden piece I cut it up for the log burner.

Hi Colin,
Effectively, that’s the best approach on how to deal with the problem. But there are those who cannot be bothered.

You are so right. i live in a rural area at the local tip the recycle rate is 90%, a particular tip in the city is 54%… In the city is where most of us will have our properties… That tells me something about attitude