Advice about next door tenent

Hi. I’m neither a landlord or tenent so I hope I’m allowed to ask here. I live next door to a rented house, advertised through openrent. There has been no sign of the tenents for about 4 weeks now but there is a dowstairs light and a bathroom light that have been on continuously day and night… The main problem however is the bins. We are the middle of a terrace of four and we have a ginnel between us. The bins are stored close to our back doors but they’ve not been emptied and are now smelling and swarming with flies. I have move their bins to the back of their garden because I couldn’t put up with the smell and flies but technically I suppose I was traspassing. I would have put the bins out but they’ve mixed up general waste with all the re-cycling stuff. Do you think I should try to contact the agent (I believe the owner lives in China).

Yes, I think that would be sensible

Thanks for the reply David

I would put there bins out and use them :grinning:

We have four bins for recycling and they’ve put all sorts of rubbish into the wrong bins - I’m not going to sort it out for them. We have a bin for garden waste and food waste. The food is supposed to be put into bio-degradable bags in a small kitchen caddy before putting in the bin but they’ve just been dumping the food straight into the bin. Not nice after 4 weeks of warm/hot weather… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You could try phoning environment health at the Council and asking them to send someone to sort it out.


there is always someone who does not care enough to sort out the waste they generate, owner or tenant

Thanks for the responses all. I’ll give it another week or two to see if they turn up before I do anything. If not I’l try to contact the landlord’s agent before I do anything else. Thanks again.