Water supplier and non metered connection

Hello there

We are moving into the new property soon and we have been told that there is non-metered connection of water and its free with £50 charges per month(which I don trust fully).

Does £50 sound too high?

Also, Is there any way to know who is a water supplier so that I can connect with them directly.

We have been told its Thame water but I want to confirm from our side as well.

Thanks in advance!

There are many factors for the water charges.

  1. Type of the property (1 bed, 2 bed)
  2. Water supplier
  3. Historical water usage of the property etc.

If there is non metered connection some suppliers do charge monthly offering free use of water.

We used to live in Northolt in 2 bhk house and we used to pay £30 per month with unlimited water as it was non metered connection.

Best way is to contact your water supplier and they would help you to know the situation. That’s what I did.

You can try Postcode finder to know your water supplier.
It finds postcode, water supplier and nearest station of an address.

Thank you for your reply.