Weekend surcharge for checkout

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We are are leaving our rental, have given our 1 month notice which falls on a Sunday. The agent has said we can either vacate on the Sunday for which there will be a surcharge? Or on the Monday which they will charge an extra days rent for.

With the new laws in 2019, is this surcharge allowed? We offered to drop the keys off on Friday with the understanding that we’ll then only be charged rent until then, the agent has said we will be charged until the Sunday. So no flexibility! Any tips / advice appreciated

Ask them to point out where in the agreement there is this term?

Terms can either be contractual or statutory. Can’t believe parliament would have spent time debating whether a LL could have extra for a Sunday so it may be a term in the agreement.

If they can’t point it out but take the money anyway, you can argue the toss at the TDS. But get it on paper or email or make a note of the reply for later.

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I assume agent will attend on the Sunday to do a checkout?

If so I dont think it’s unreasonable to have a Sunday surcharge, but only if you choose Sunday, it cannot be compulsory.

You have the choice of checking out at an earlier date with no fee.

Thank you, that’s helpful will check the terms

Hi Mark, this is the thing I don’t think they will! All it will be is us returning our keys the property which largely is handled by the landlords builder, who we have a great relationship with. He does all the inventory etc so I can’t see why the agent would even be attending. If they are coming in I get it but I think it’s just a cheeky charge to be honest. They’ve been so poor in service since we’ve lived here I’m pained to give them any money.

I’ll have a look at the terms as the other poster suggested.

Thanks both for the responses.

In that case it would be robbery in my opinion. They should have facility to return keys safely on a Sunday, even just a post box. When they do the checkout you have a right to be there.

No, they are not allowed to charge you extra for leaving on the agreed day. Just tell them youre leaving on the Sunday but they are welcome to delay their checkout inspection until the Monday.

This is what I thought, they’re not allowed to charge us for leaving. That’s a good phrasing, I’ll use that. Thank you

If agent gives tenant choice of an optional Sunday checkout at a fee, or checkout on any other day at no cost, would this be permissible?

Possibly if tenants are demanding they be present at the checkout or that it be conducted on a particular day. However, there is no particular reason for the tenants to be present so mostly it should be up to the agent to arrange it at a time when no surcharge would be required.

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