Went to view a studio

to find out after that whoever offered the most rent would get the place. Now, if they had stated that the rent was flexible I wouldn’t mind so much. But to state a set price, make my way (was a really stormy Friday) to view and then be told that, to me, is inexcusable.

Some real dodgy landlords out there claiming not agencies, but then asking for agency fee, and £60 for a criminal check back in 1 day LOL

No Basic check costs £60 and it will NOT come back in i day. I know this as fact as I do criminal background checks for a profession.

Just shocked and a little disgusted at every underhand scheme some landlords have, here and other sites.

Hi Saul,

Thanks for reaching out.

What you’ve raised is quite concerning - we have a strict no admin fees policy, so landlords cannot charge more than £20 for a reference.

Please report the listing on the website and we’ll follow up with the landlord on your behalf - this isn’t acceptable, as you say.

We’ll also follow up to ensure that the listing is transparent and reflects either an accurate rental price, or the fact that it’s flexible based on what a tenant offers.