What affordability do open rent use?

Trying to filter prospective tenants - anyone know what affordability ratio is used, my preferred tenant salary is 2 x the rent…

I would say it’s too low. We do x3 rent. Though we did agree recently to rent our place to somebody with a slightly lower income. But she showed her healthy spending AND saving habits and was willing to pay 6 months in advance.

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yes I agree 2 x is too low for sure - I wanted to find out what open rent use in their comprehensive referencing checks so I can filter tenants that won’t meet the criteria before they even come to view - or maybe put it in my initial auto-message to save everyone’s time.

I can answer this Q. Just looked at Verified TT who contacted us, and the affordability is income p/a is x30 monthly rent. Just one example:
Declared income : £23,000.00
Max affordability : £766.67

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