When a tenant disappears


My tenant handed in his notice over a week ago via WhatsApp and said he would let me know when he would be leaving. (He has a month’s notice period, but he said he would leave within the week).

I have contacted via emailed, WhatsApp, text and voice message and heard nothing.

I am going into day, with prior notice via all these communication channels to see what is going on.

What should I do in this situation? I am hoping it will be clear when I get in the flat


It depends what you find. You may have to traet it ax abandonment. Take plenty of photos and report back.

He was there and said he had his phone turned off for two weeks?!

Anyway, he was in the process of packing up and I explained that he would have to pay his rent up until the final day of notice, unless I was able to find tenants before that date.

It’s all very strange and not sure it will all work out quite as simply as it appeared to.