When to lower the price?

Hi guys!

I’ve listed my property and it’s been 2-3 days.

How long would you guys go before dropping the rent price by 5-10% if you’re not getting enquiries?

I always test over a weekend, this is usually a good indication. I would wait at least 7 days.

You MUST be on RightMove, this has by far the greatest exposure.


Thanks! I am on rightmove and it applied a generic description. It’s only been 4 days though(but we have just had a weekend) so I’ll give it until next Monday!

I just had 85 enquiries in the first 36 hours, so Id review your ad if I were you. Do you have a link to it?



There you go :grin:

“I’ve poured my heart and soul into”… is too much for an opening!

Actually a red flag for a tenant who’ll think the landlord will be very precious about the place, and there will be trouble down the line when they cause any damage or there’s wear & tear.

Isn’t the recommendation to avoid writing in the first person?


The photos look a bit tight too, could you zoom out? Even using an iPhone in 0.5 mode you should be able to show more of each room in your shots.


How does current price compare to similar in area?

Wording - less Daily Mail, more BBC like.

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A quick google search suggests that the average rent for a 2 bed property in DE22 is £771. How did you come up with a price of £1300?


Considering there is another property for £820 in exactly the same location with the same address I would say your pricing is way off. Their pictures are far superior and their description is factual and not personal.
I usually have around 20 requests within the first day so you might want to consider amending your listing in order to gain some interest.
Good luck


Hi Kate. Thanks for this.

Sorry to waste your time but did you see that on openrent? I can’t find the other one you’re talking about

I can’t find it either, anywhere including RM.

Any enquiries at all, if not have you made a test enquiry to be sure all working ok?

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Thanks for checking Mark. Appreciated.

I’ve had 2 enquiries but won’t be accepting either.

I’ve knocked the price down for now and will monitor.

There is another property that is 860 or so and it’s gorgeous, furnished etc. It’s not quite as good a location but it’s a cracking deal for the price. Sadly I simply can’t compete! I’ll keep tweaking as needs be.

This is my first and only property and my original tenant destroyed the property so I built it all up from nothing again. It’s awesome now but I’m new to all of this so I have a lot to learn.

I realise that my expenditures don’t simply mean I can charge more so I’ll do what it takes to have a reasonable price charged all in all but for my own sanity I won’t drop a few hundred off all at once :grin:

I’ve tried to reply with links to the properties but because it has links it’s gone to the mods so they may reject it. There at 3 Duffield road 2 bed properties one at £750 pcm unfurnished but with the option for furnished for an extra £50 pw - this one has also been reduced on the 7/7/23. The other is £820 pcm again unfurnished but with the option to be furnished at an extra £50 pw. So unfurnished as yours is they are massively cheaper than yours but even fully furnished they are still coming up cheaper which looking at it from a tenants perspective wouldn’t make financial sense to enquire about yours. It’s really hard when you have put a lot of work into a property but your best bet is to check the market before you start any renovations so you know the standard and price point you are working towards. I really hope this helps and you have enquiries soon
Sorry the third property is of course your own


I quickly found the £750/£800 advert Kate describes.

It has 136546532 in the RightMove URL.

Also as a precaution you may want to consider removing the “no dss” while it is still an option on open rent it leaves you open as a landlord to allegations of discrimination. You can use the filter option to weed out dss applications without saying I won’t accept them :wink:


I used to walk on the sunshine. Now I walk on egg-shells.


Personally its only layabouts I don’t want IE those who milk it and with no history of work.

Those who work and depend on benefits I’m ok with.
Disabled fine also.

Now affordability is the issue…arnt LHA rates going up?

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Thanks Kate.

It’s so sad that after 10 grand in renovations it looks like I’m going to get the same amount that my last tenant paid.

Kinda wish I didn’t try so hard to make it nice now. Lol.

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