Why are pets not allowed?

I’ve recently been looking for a ground floor flat for my elderly in laws . They have 2 well behaved cats that they dote on but are being forced to give them up in order to be able to rent a flat , I think is wrong . I though we were supposed to be a nation of animal lovers ?! . 2 cats that may end being euthanized.

Hi, yes this is a very sad situation.

Some landlords see pets as a risk to their property and to the tenancy proceeding smoothly, and would rather not risk it.

I’m sure some landlords on this Community will be able to share their experiences of letting to people with pets with you. If things go wrong (e.g. the pet gets fleas) then it can end up costing a lot of money to put right.



Landlords are not even allowed to charge a bigger deposit now to offset this risk.

The only way around this is either to not allow pets, or to have a two tier rent fee where tenants with pets pay a higher rent.