Would landlord hold property for potential tenant for one month?

A potential very keen tenant but only want to move in one month later. Shall I hold the property for them for a month time? What deposit can the landlord ask for except a holding deposit which is only one week s amount? To sign the contract, when it can be done before the move in date?


Depends how many tenants are interested in property. It is better to wait for a good tenant than go for someone you’d have concerns but want it sooner, so if they are you best option then wait.

You can sign and get the 5 weeks deposit and months rent now. I’d want that soon as otherwise they could change their minds and you’d have lost a month.

Thanks Richard. Given that they are 1 month later to start, I will lose one month rent anyway. But of course as you suggested I would rather to have a good tenant than rushing for the one month rent as it brings a lot of problem later on.

I had a tenant who could not take it for a month, so we agreed on a 2 week split and so I only waited 2 weeks. Signed and paid in advance

I had exactly the same thing! I took it that the tenant did the right thing by giving a months notice at his previous tenancy. He has been fine! But no guarantees!