Zoopla/Rightmove Updates


Sorry I’ve been flicking through the discussions and couldn’t find anything, but apologies if this has been discussed already.

I’m renting my property with Ultimate Advertising and have had to reduce the price to attract more enquiries, however Zoopla and Rightmove have not reflected the price changes “reduced on (date)” for my advert to pop up in the newest listed. I’ve noticed other adverts not via Openrent do come up at the top though when the price has been reduced.

Zoopla has also included random price changes at the “price history” section even though I didn’t make these changes.

Has anyone else experienced the same problem?


Hi Tina,

Rightmove update properties with “Reduced Today” if you reduce the price by more than 2% at once. Whilst this isn’t a guarantee, but is the guidance we’ve received from Rightmove.

Therefore if your property was listed at £1500, you would need to reduce the price by £30 or more.

I’m afraid the order of listings/rental price history in portal searches is set by those sites themselves and beyond our control.

Kind regards,

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