How to update my add

hi there

i just posted my add first time and I have a question. How can i update my add to be on the first page

Hi Dominika,

This blog post should answer your question. In a nutshell, if tenants order by recently published, then your advert will only be on the first search result pages for a little while until it is ‘buried’ by new listings.

If you drop the rent significantly, then it may be re-entered on the first page. Full details in post.

Hi there,
I have the same issue - seems lots of lanlords flooded the market when lockdown was eased…now my ad is buried on page 6 of the rightmove search results. When you say “drop the rent significantly” - what order of magniture is required? Can I delet the ad and add a new ad insteasd - or is there a wait-time inbetween doing that?

HI Bee, For sales it is a 2% reduction in price. I’m not sure what it is for rents.

But I’m afraid the portals (Rightmove and Zoopla) will only label a listing as “just added” when it is first sent to them, we do not have any ability to renew or alter this. The order of listings in portal searches is set by those sites themselves and beyond our control.

Moreover, Trading Standards have articulated that the practice of “portal juggling” is in breach of trading regulations, so is clearly something we cannot build as a feature.