1 inspection at property

Hello. I am new to being a landlady, so looking for help advice and tips on carrying out my first inspection, Tennants have been in 6 mths and I will visit them this Friday to check the property.

Does anyone have any check lists or guides I can use please?

Hi Naomi13

I would start with checking the smoke and C02 alarms are intact and even test them yourself. Tenants have been known to remove flat batteries and not replace them. Check bathrooms for signs of mould which would indicate tenants are not ventilating it properly. Check shower trays for a build up of hair :roll_eyes: I know landlords that get called out because the shower tray is blocked. And general 360 of the property.

Additionally, check they haven’t damaged the walls by fixing things without your permission. This is more for modern buildings with plasterboard walls. Don’t forget to ask how they are getting on and if they have any issues.

Thank you Chris that is very helpful. Appreciate your time.

The landlord associations have lots of such useful checklists. I suggest you join one as there are probably lots of other issues you wont be aware of.