How often do you inspect your property

Curious how often landlords inspect the property they have rented out. I am about to rent out my first property and am understandably nervous!

I was wondering if it would be considered acceptable to visit after one month and then three monthly after that?

Thats ok . I visit most of mine every month Some of my tenants are lonely and like a visit . Especialy the shopkeepers like a security check.( I collect some rents monthly)

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Speaking personally @maz.m, my landlord only visited after three months, and then only once a year from then on. That’s not including visits for things like repairs.

Once a month would feel like too much for me as a tenant, but it’s up to you, and as long as the tenant is happy and gives permission then it would be ok.

Tenants do have a right to the quiet enjoyment of their property, so keep this in mind when deciding how often to inspect.


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I like to do what I call a “Settling In” visit after one month. This is very informal and gives the tenant the opportunity to sort out any minor concerns/queries they may have. It also gives me an opportunity to ensure that all is well and a cannabis farm hasn’t sprung up out of nowhere or an extra six beds/mattresses haven’t appeared without my knowledge etc… I then do the first of my formal, quarterly inspections, two months later.

NB I have never missed an inspection and never will. They are far to valuable not to do.


Put yourself in their shoes: would you be happy having your landlord snoop around every 3 months? I’d see it as a sign they don’t trust me and would possibly even consider moving. I must have rented 8 or 9 flats over the years and never had the landlord come around uncalled for.

Remember that while it’s your property, it’s their home.

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I dont visit them personally. I use an inventory company. I first get them to visit after 3 months and then leave it every 6 months . The only time I go round is of there is a maintenance issue.

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I don’t visit at all unless requested by the tennants …if they need me to visit they know where I am …however I do make a phone call or text now and again just to make sure all is well with them and the property

I inspect after first 3 months then it honestly depends on the state of the property. If all is well then will conduct inspections when another contractor has to go in like the Gas Engineer so it’s not a separate visit so say once or twice a year. If they have caused damage in the property I issue a notice for them to put it right and keep them on a 3 month inspection rota. Remember things can go wrong and pretty quickly. I had one tenant refuse to use the bins for 6 months, dirty nappies, dog poo, it was awful and a costly cleanup after getting the property back. How people can live like that I dont know, inspections are very important.

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Why wouldnt you? Once every 3 months is hardly invasive and while its your home your Landlord has a duty of care, you should use it as an opportunity to point out any work that needs doing. I would be suspicious of a tenant refusing access in my experience it’s always for a bad reason like subletting/drugs/damage/anti social behaviour.
Good tenants have nothing to hide.


Cheri Agree agree agree

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Maintaining a relationship with your tenants is very important. After the first month I would advise a visit to check that they have settled in and that they are not having any “teething” problems. Are the ventilation systems of the property working ok. Are they keeping it clean? After that, every three months is normally enough. It is as much in the tenant’s interest as the landlord’s to ensure that any problems are sorted out as quickly as possible. If they have any repair problems I always ask them to let me know as soon as possible as leaving it can result in extra expense for me and extra inconvenience for them.

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I think it depends on the tenants, but always do at least one inspection every three months.
Due to personal reasons I lapsed on a tenant had done one in November and didn’t do another until June 18th. He is the sort of tenant who asks for almost everything to be done, which is fine. I asked if everything was OK and he said five things, Fence needs a repair. Trees leaning at angle at end of garden. Hot tap in ensuite they have turned off because it leaked. The kitchen mixer is fountaining water out of a hole in the top and the upstairs bathroom is blocked!!
To date it has cost £707in total to cut down the dangerous trees, replace the taps, repair the fencing and try to unblock the bathroom. When I queried why he had not reported these problems, he said they had only just happened!!!
In future I will be doing 3 monthly visits though I would like to do weekly visits! They also do not keep the house very clean at all especially the four toilets and the bath and shower. The garden which is very low maintenance ( we put down fake grass) is a mess at the back and the front even though we provided a lawn mower for the little square at the front) and it actually states in his contract that he is responsible to keep it weed free and tidy.

Is he up to date with the rent?

Hi maz.m,
I do management visits every quarter for the first year, and then 6 monthly thereafter. Its as much to do with establishing a relationship with my tenanats as much as it is complying with my landlord insurance. If I have to make a criminal damage claim, I have to show I there has been a management visit at least twice a year. Management visits are a 2 way street, as much about the tenants (my clients!) being able to address issues they may not have had time to address or report themselves, as it is for me to make sure they are looking after my property in a reasonable way. But yes, it is their home. They may not live exactly like you do, but as long as they pay their rent, are forthcoming and trustworthy, and keep the place generally well, you have to ‘let go’ a bit. Getting good tenants in the first place is the key, and if that takes a little longer than you’d hoped, dont fret… it’s worth it in the end.Look after them and they will look after you.


Sort of. He has been behind in paying since April 2018, when he chucked up his job, tried to start his own business and got dreadfully in debt, but he does occasionally catch up, and is seldom more than 7 weeks in arrears. He is not an awful tenant, just strange and a bit of a computer geek, I do believe he pays when he can. at one point he was paying off at £300 per week for most weeks and if he had kept this up he would have been clear by the end of April. He was actually up to date when he paid July’s rent on 1st August, but when I reminded him the rent was due today, and pointed out how much I have paid out recently he asked if he could pay just under half today and the rest in 4 days time. I could give him notice, but I doubt if anyone else would let him rent with his record and I do not want to make him homeless. However when/if he gives notice I will be well pleased.

you are sort of contradicting yourself. You dont want to make him homeless, but will be pleased when he has gone. Remember we run a business Generally men are more untidy than women. Self employment start up is difficult .But he is showing a willingness to pay when he can, which tells me he wants to stay

Thanks for your reply. I don’t think it’s a contradiction to say I don’t want to make him homeless, but I’ll be glad when he gives notice. Yes men are more untidy than woman but he has a woman there with him, she does nothing either. Yes self employment start up is difficult, but most people, plan ahead not just chuck in their job with no reserves and hope for the best. Yes he does want to stay, and he is willing to pay when he can, but it would be better if he found a more suitable - smaller and cheaper - property to rent which he could afford more easily.

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You would be amazed how many people think being self employed that. customers will just flock to them I have been self employed for 50 years I own a couple of shops in a parade where people regulary open up around me and think that they will make money ( not the people I have) . I can pretty well forcast who will fail and they do. I started a couple of other businesses when I was well established as a builder. so could afford to. I do not think that people plan ahead and the first thing to go is the rent

Jennifer5 I admire your considerate and caring manner. However, you are a business, not a charity (I assume) and should remember that. Eviction maybe the best option for both parties. It sounds like they could (already do?) take liberties and they sound as if they are “one step” away from being the proverbial “tenants from hell”. What ever you decide I wish you good luck.

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It’s what I do too. First month and every three months. It all depends on if there is any unprecedented call out(s) that may require your attention at the property.

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