Inspection ….how detailed should it be

Hi all. I’m a novice at this and am undertaking my first inspection tomorrow. I’ve seen various articles on here with regards to frequency but was wondering how detailed the mid term inspections are that you undertake. Should it be as detailed as what an inventory company does when tenants move in and out, which takes the best part of an hour, or is it more of a check to see that no damage has been done. Should I point out things like marks on the carpet …or is this left until the tenants move out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks to you all in advance

In addition to looking for damage by the tenant, you’re also looking, (inside and out) for:

  • disrepair that’s down to you
  • non working appliances
  • leaks
  • boiler working
  • locks working - no security issues
  • lights all working
  • holes in the walls
  • blocked drains
  • General cleanliness
  • pest infestations
  • clothes drying over radiators/excess moisture/mold
  • any fire risks
  • other health and safety issues
  • water tank lid sealed/other legionella risks
  • smoke/co alarms still working
  • evidence of unauthorised sub-tenants/lodgers
  • evidence of unauthorised pets
  • unauthorised changes/redecoration
  • evidence of smoking indoors
  • evidence of the property being a cannabis factory
  • evidence of use as a brothel
  • gas/elec supply not tampered with
  • other breaches of the tenancy agreement
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David, thanks so much for your comprehensive reply….really appreciated. Thank you

Similarly detailed - just so you can compare properly. I use inventory hive, it’s cheap for a single property around £30\year IIRC (it gets cheaper per property, the more properties you have). It’s really good & walks you through everything - you can do it all on your phone, using your phone camera - you can load the previous report as a template & just note changes, so it’s fast, too.

Thanks so much for your help

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