100 Enquires rule

The current 100 enquires rule is no longer fit for purpose . I advertised a flat and was inundated with enquires . The vast majority completely unsuitable. I viewed 3 out of 100 enquiries.

Tenants applying for properties has became a free for all. Typical enquires “I want this flat will move in tomorrow”. Followed up by absolutely no engagement when asked to answer a few simple questions.

It may well be time to move back to traditional letting agents . Multiple adverts for one property filtering through unsuitable applications not working anymore.

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Same here. It’s been nerve-wrecking and very frustrating. Also, many couples contacted us separately, and it all counted. Some were blocked but created another account to contact me again, and it was also counted. A wife of one applicant specially came to “make enquiry” to tell me that I have wrong attitude and cancel viewing request before I could reply anything. There was a guy who replied by telling me off for “asking so many questions” (4 in total, 3 “yes or no” types). The latest reply was “I want to have a viewing” and no reply to questionnaire. There was a deposit paid by somebody who hasn’t even viewed the property, then they disappeared.
Just today I went through the applicants to see if we were too harsh/selective. Nope. There’s nobody to chose from. I guess we should consider ourselves lucky that we got somebody, it seems. But how they were sending us the documents and viewing other properties at the same time, is another story.

I don’t know what is happening. Everybody is saying there’s shortage of properties. We put our property £50 below market value, it’s in a popular location in a very popular city, which attracts a lot of people from London now. What is the problem? Maybe, TT mostly go to the agents now?

I too feel this limit is not fit for purpose so far I have only had three enquiries I would consider allowing a viewing. I have had plenty of “is this available? “
“Can I have a viewing ? “ along with the inaudible voice messages.
One enquiry has contacted me on three separate occasions despite declining him twice already.

Not to mention the DSS enquiries that I stipulate I cannot accept still coming through even when pre screening is on :thinking:

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I’m getting really Royally peed off with Openrent I am sick of getting enquiries that don’t fit my criteria getting though and even worse is the numerous Rent to rent enquiries especially as these add to your 100 enquiry limit :rage:

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Recently I had similar experience with tenants who enquire and leave voice messages and no contact details when ask question no reply.

I found most them were time waster and a few did not turn up for viewing.

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