2 bedroom tring

Hi can anyone help we were served 2 months notice on Saturday we are desperate to find a 1 or 2 bedroom dog friendly property in Tring are Cheddington budget I’m afraid is max 1150 based on my income and outgoings
Any help please don’t want to be homeless in 8 weeks

Are you in serious rent arrears?
If not the notice period is four months and thus the form is invalid in a court of law.
Take you time and don’t panic. It looks like you have more time than you think.

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No no rent arrears at all month in front
I’ll read the attachment but does they apply when your paying the landlord direct on a rolling lease
After the first year through the agent then paid the last 61/2 years to the landlord
I only have an email with the notice on ??

If you are up to date with your rent it is a four month notice. Therefore the notice served is invalid.
Sounds like you are on a monthly periodic. It does not make a difference . Due to COVID the notice is four months.

Even so there is a 12-18 month backlog in the courts if he wants you out you have time. When he gets to court with the wrong notice period it will be invalid so they will have to start again.
Speak to Shelter or CAB they can advise you for free.

I agree with A_A here. You don’t need to worry. You don’t even need to engage with the landlord.

Just because I’m curious, why does he want you out?

No idea he hasn’t elaborated I spoke to him a couple of months ago and he had no intention of moving us on so something has changed it’s very tired now the property and does need a lot of work I’m hoping he’s fair with our deposit over wear and tear inthe past 7 years we’ve never been inspected since we moved in

So I would just ignore this for now. It doesn’t sound like he hasn’t given you proper notice.

Keep paying rent as usual and nothing should change.

The notice period for a section 8 notice has been 2 months since 1 august. Were you issues a section 8 or section 21 notice? S21 is still 4 months but if ll has grounds to issue a section 8 notice then it is only 2 months.

what is classed as significant ? You only have to owe a months council tax or two and the council will take you to court. Significnt to one landlord might not be so much to another.

Sorry No idea if section 8 or 21 no idea I got a one line email to leave no rent arrears
So what is the difference all I know I have two mo the notice no arrears and nothing listed as section 8 or 21

I have copied and pasted from above link

From 1 June 2021, notice periods must be at least 4 months in most cases, including where the tenant has less than 4 months’ rent arrears. From 1 August 2021, the notice period for cases where there are less than 4 months of unpaid rent, will further reduce to 2 months’ notice. Notice periods for the most serious cases, as set out above, are lower with most requiring 2 or 4 weeks’ notice. The notice period for ‘serious arrears’ is 4 weeks’ notice and the threshold for what constitutes ‘serious arrears’ is ‘arrears equivalent to 4 or more months’ rent.

A one line email telling you to leave is not a notice.
In short you have nor received a document called a section 8 or 21 there is no legal requirement for you to leave,
An eviction notice is a form 3 or form 6a which looks like those on this link

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A=A Thanks for that I do not have anyone in arrears. But always wondered what was considered significant or “serious” So its months of arrears not amount of arrears

I assume so
Every time I read that document it reads differently. I think I have dyslexia. I completely misread it when I posted my previous post.

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I have a question for you I pay a month in front so say we find a property and we can say move into a property in the middle of the month do we have to pay the full month to the old landlord so we have to leave on the 25th of the month but we could move in onthe 12th how does this work please

That is definitely not proper notice.

If I were you I would not respond or do anything. Do not move out as you will have yourself homeless and the council will not help you.

Keep copies of e-mails and screenshots of texts. Also, keep notes and possibly recordings of your dealings with the landlord as proof. Should he try to illegally evict you call the police and show them your proof…

If you pay monthly he does not have to refund you if you leave early

What I meant was say this month we find a property and we can move in the 12 th of October do I pay 12 days rent or the full month ?

This depends on the date you normally pay rent. IF you have a notice period of one month, you’d have to give notice on or before 12th of September (to move out 12th of October).

If your rent is paid on, let’s say, the 25th each month you have to pay the days in September (6) and 12 days in October.

Edit: some contracts stipulate you count notice from the renewal date each month.

Full month I’m afraid
It is at the landlord’s discretion if you pay 12 days