Any help please with these Landlords

Hi everyone I previously posted a few weeks ago to cut it down I’ve been living in the property over 1 year it’s private rental. Paying rent each month on time. Back in mid August landlords said they want their property back but don’t want to give me 3 months started with 6 weeks then extended 1 month to 1st
November. Going forward I can’t pay the rent on the due date of 1st but can pay on 14th change of pay date my boss has been hit hard. They have been getting someone to collect letters for a good part of 7 months now I told them I can forward it which the letting agent agreed on their behalf not to sure where I stand with the rent, however no deposit info, how to rent booklet, gas or electric safety certificate & NQT was written on a “notice of possession” letter thanks everyone.

They clearly haven’t done anything properly.

You were entitled to three months Notice if Section 21 issued mid August.

They can’t issue a S21 if they haven’t provided the How to Rent booklet they need to provide this and then issue the notice again which is now 6 months.

If deposit not protected you can sue for three times the amount so I believe.

Can see it’s another worry for you but if your pay day has changed and two weeks later think most landlords would be expected to accept this in these times.

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Hi Mr_T
Thanks for your reply I read my tenancy T&Q’s it says if rent is given more than 14 days then the landlords can come into the property whether demanded or not but I will ensure the rent is paid on that day or before If I can. Despite COVID, they did not ask how I was and I still paid rent on time every month and will continue to do so. I’m just worried they will now not give back my deposit as I do not know where it is, no paperwork or certificate that comes with it nothing.

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They can’t legally act on that 14 day notice whilst your tenancy remains assured. Look at the Shelter website for information on how to find which scheme your deposit is in, If its not in any of the 3 schemes, the same website will tell you how to claim a penalty against the landlord.

Tell the landlord the rent will be 14 days late and ask for their understanding. Whether they agree or not, it doesn’t sound like they will be able to evict you given the failures on their part.

Hi David122,

I contacted sheltered they said that as my tenancy has expired it will roll onto a periodic one now. I never received any information about my deposit. Just got a text back from the letting agency saying that the landlords will not take that very well me paying the rent on the 14th as its contrary to whats in my contract.

Whether they take it well or not, there is little they can do about it.

Have a look here to see where your deposit is being held:

Hi David122,

Just checked with the link you sent me thank you and called each one with the information given & done a few times no of the 3 schemes were able to locate my deposit.

In that case if you get any problem with this landlord/agent just let them know that you have been unable to find your deposit protected in any of the three schemes and ask for more information. I suspect that any problems will evaporate.


Thank you I will try that option.