2 Months notice when to start it?

If i wanted to serve notice to one of my tenants on an assured shorthold tenancy and they have been in a few years and i want to sell the property their rent is paid on the 28th of the month . Question when it says 2 months notice if i gave notice say 14th January 2022 would i have to enter 27th March 2022 on 6A page 1 number 2 .
you are required to leave the below date after?
or could it be the 14th March 2022?

14th March 2022, but I generally give more notice

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You are no longer required to make the expiry of the notice coincide with the end of a tenancy period. Its a straight 2 months. You need to add a couple of days if posting it.

It is nice to give a little more notice. However, does this have to be two months from rent date to rent date?

All the best, hopefully it is received well.

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No it doesn’t as I said in the post above yours.