3 months tenancy - is this possible?

I have a good prospective tenant that only wants to rent for 3 months, can I use the AST and just mutually agree with the tenant that they can leave after 3 months?

Hi Chris,

You can do this, yes. If the tenant changes their mind, however, then you will have no clear way of ending the tenancy until the beginning of the sixth month. This is because Section 21 notices can only be served after the fourth month of the tenancy, and have a two month notice period.

If this concerns you, it may be best to create a different kind of tenancy, such as a Non-assured shorthold tenancy. This isn’t an area we’re experts in, however, as we only deal in ASTs.


Just do it as a holiday type let, that should work. They have no right of tenure then, so 3 months is not a problem.

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as I understand it, you need proof of permanent address to let as holiday home re tax etc

How comes open rent doesnt deal with ASTs it would make our leaves easier in using your services :slight_smile:

Unless its for a genuine holiday, a holiday let will be z sham arrangement and the tenancy will default to an AST.