3 Renters one Insurance?

Hi ,
I am renting for first time. I have 3 friends about to rent my flat. Should i get 3 separate payments or get one of them to pay the full amount?
I am wanting to take out to guaranteed rent insurance and it looks like its per payer rather than on the property.
Thank you for any advice.
Kind regards Travis

personally I would go for one payment. if o k with your tenants

Travis, firstly you should check with your mortgage and/or buildings insurance as they will have a specific list of what’s acceptable or not with them to prevent you breaching agreement with them and 3 different households probably would equate to your place being a HMO, you can check this with your local council borough, after all those checks you will know for sure what your best option is legally, however if by some sheer miracle that there is no legal restrictions as stated above then you would need to understand the difference between renting to a collective and/or renting to individual tenants as there’s a legal difference and different AST’s for such.

1 AST for multiple people makes all tenants jointly and singularly liable for rent etc yet if 1 person wishes to move out and the others don’t then this can become messy & complicated yet not impossible by following a specific procedure and filling out the correct forms etc.

1 AST per person, you know already what this means im sure however you would then need to concentrate on the common parts thereof, i have building like this HMO with common parts, hence you would normally be responsible for the common parts yet you could have free movement to come and go as you see fit to all common parts if renting 1 person to 1 bedroom for instance.
This is perfect when renting to younger people who have little experience of how to upkeep a property and makes life easy for you not needing to provide notice for access and if 1 tenant moves out you are only dealing with the small financial burden of loss of 1 room rather than the whole building etc.


Thank you for that. I have had a quick read through and you seem to know what yor talking about. I will work through it bit by bit tomorrow and try to understand the implications.

Kind regards Travis Bryson

Hi, l have just let a property to a Mother and daughter as joint tenants.
I have taken out an annual rent guarantee policy with Rent now.
The mother is now tentatively enquiring if her daughter can be removed from the contract and whether I would accept her parents as guarantors.

I don’t think she can until at least the break clause at 6 months.

Is this correct?

Yes correct, all info is in the AST and remember if or when 1 person gets removed you would need to obtain a new AST & all checks for the remaining person in question.