51 week AST. Agent is charging 52 weeks

I hope someone would have time to give me some advice for my nephew.
He signed a 51 week AST last year - 01.07.22 to 23.06.23. Rent stated as £2600 per month on contract.
We believe the rent due 1st June (last payment) should have been £2000 but agent wants £2600. They did attach a rent schedule to the AST which asked for 12 payments of £2600 but a rent schedule can’t override the AST can it?
I have broken down the figures for the agent in every way I can think of but they are adamant they are right and are saying they will take outstanding rent from the deposit.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you

I agree it is £600 less the rent equates to £600 a week. Ask them which agent assoc. they belong to and complain to them… Complain to the place the deposit is lodged with to get ahead of the game… The maths is so easy , took me 20 seconds

Thank you! I thought I was going mad lol. I agree, I can’t understand how they can argue with the maths. They haven’t even offered an alternative explanation. Thank you for the advice :slight_smile:

it is really simple they are either really stupid or trying it on have you been in their office and shown it worked out on paper, in front of them?

No, unfortunately I’m in London and they’re in Southampton but I have emailed them with the maths. Really strange attitude in their replies. I can’t imagine how many students they have managed to get an extra weeks rent out of.

What does the tenancy agreement say the rent is and what period does that cover?

Rent says £2600 per month. Rental period states “Every month”.

did he sign up for 51 weeks?

Yes definitely 51 weeks

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In which case, just point out that clause in the contract and pay pro-rata.

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