Abolition of section 21 no fault

I feel this is discouraging me from staying in the PRS.
Worst of all seems to be the possibility that they will do this in an underhand way
by keeping the 6 month period and eviction ban.
Any thoughts on this?

you cannot trust the goverment

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The government will do anything to ensure they do not have responsibility for the homeless even if it is of their own making ie anti social behaviour not passing on the housing allowance. It seems if you are of a criminal element your ok. If your hard working tax payers your fair game. Reference to the hilt and speak to them yourself. The good ones do not want to be on any bad reference registers. Its frightening but mostly people just want decent homes to live in and a good relationship with the landlord. I always take out rent guarantee cover and the help that comes with it. For what it costs its value for money.

Good advice there. The only problem is rent guarantee insurance is very nigh impossible
to get these days or if you can it is very expensive. This is because LL has to give 6 months notice, evictions taking ages and good tenants getting in trouble.
Yes those good ones who know their jobs are ropey will withdraw, leaving the dregs

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I have it. Rentguard costs £280 which they increased by £200 for covid. I looked around and have it for £202. You can get it cheaper if insure with a company that does priperty and rent guarantee. The cost against a years rent. What price peace of mind. If I couldnt do this I would not be doing rentals