Letting under cov19 lockdown

Under the current lockdown of cov19, it seems there are many landlords experiencing rent collection problem from existing tenant due to the job loss, or cov19, I was wondering, for any new tenant (if there is any), can the tenant refuse to pay (because of all reasons to do with cov19) after they move in? And how can landlord make sure to avoid this, for example, can landlord request more deposit, or more upfront payment, say another month, just to get some kind of insurance under this uncertain situation? And I get the impression that rentgurantee will not cove any such rent loss during this cov19, am I correct?

ask for 6 months upfront if they cant pay a few months in advance then they will be a liability

Kai you can request whatever you want ,its your property After anyone moves in they can refuse to pay , disease or not,

Thanks. Yes I know that. I just try to figure out if there is ANY sort of assurance at all for landlords as everything seems to be in favor of the tenants.
In the foulough situation, is there any kind of rule that the rent has to be paid as priority so even he/she is in that situation, the rent can be covered?

you are joking of course


we always seem to be the ones who lose out. the maximum deposit a landlord is allowed to ask for was reduced last year I think so we have little protection if a tenant does not pay rent. my tenant was furloughed and told me he could only afford to pay half his rent even though he was getting 80% of his pay. I rely on this to provide my pension but was told I cannot evict him for 3 months and that the insurance does not kick in until I do. The government never considered small landlords like.His mother was guarantor. Any doubt in future about ability to pay and I will insist on a guarantor. Thank goodness open rent insisted on this.


lets not call each other idiots, dont openrent vet this stuff? Colin3 is expressing a valid opinion and its not unreasonable to ask for a little more money upfront. It is the landlords property and just now you could be stuck with tenants for 6 months if they dont pay after the first month. anyone who has had to follow a contested eviction knows how costly and time consuming that can be. So please lets be tolerant


in the past year or so I have had 2 people who volunteered 6 months up front and have been good tenants. they wanted to beat other applicants … and did so.

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its not 80% of their if earning more than £2500 a month,

it works out at an average of your wages for up to to 52 weeks , but if that is over the £2500 then that is all you will receive , works out at at max of £576 a week less tax and NI as usual ,total around £440 take home max,that could be a lot less than your tenants earn therefore causing them issues paying the rent ,
one of my tenants is self employed bricklayer , havnt had anything for the whole of april

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I’m in the same situation. Tenants were very quick to ask for 35% off rent after I reached out to them pre lock down. I did offer £600 Rent holiday & a reduction on top if they provided 3 months bank accounts With the condition that they show Me last 3 months bank accounts & agree universal credit to pay me directly to pay back the rent holiday but they refused it & asked again about a reduction. I told them that was conditional on their financial circumstances but offered a small reduction anyway (£90) in exchange for a two month notice period as they are in a rolling contract. I also said if they wanted to submit their financial statements, & if appropriate I would reduce further. Haven’t heard back from them. There is a guarantor & 1 of 3 tenants earns over 45k! The other 2 can claim 80%. And they told me universal credit Told them they are going to cover their rent. If this were someone in real need, I would have no qualms of working something out but they would need to be transparent with their finances. My tenants refused to do this. I wonder why! Thank god for the guarantor in place!


thank you folks .I am not a complete idiot, parts of me are missing ! ( mostly my teeth)


Carolyn3 always good to get a guarantor, sometimes the tenant will volunteer one . Then you know that their finances are a bit shakey. But we have all possibly been in that situation .I know I have.