About renting - bad landlord

Hy all, i have a general question for the landlords: why some of you tell the tenants you’ll repari the house and u dont do it?

For e.g.: I moved I a house almost 1 year ago, after some time I discovered that when I am upstairs in bath, it rains in my kitchen (lol) …I told to the landlord, he’s lying to me that he’ll repair it, didn’t happened.
After when I made some beef in the cooker , effectively I remained with the door from the cooker in my hand, as well he said the same thing.
Now I have mould in a half of the house, I try to clean it every day…

What I can do in this situation?

Hi Cristi,

I’m sorry to hear of the issues in your property currently.

The tenancy is a private agreement between you and your landlord and since OpenRent are not legally involved, we are unfortunately not able to intervene in the tenancy itself.

There are organisations that are able to provide more comprehensive help and legal advice. The first place we’d suggest is Shelter’s livechat or helpline:

They’re open 365 days a year, and they’ll be able to provide free advice on the best next steps to take here.

If you are looking for advice specifically about the repairs that are needed in your property, we’d recommend getting in touch with your local council about the guidelines your landlord should be operating within. Your local authority will describe how long a landlord should take to repair your issue depending on the category your repair falls within, as well as describing the conditions of each category.

This Government advice page will help direct you to your local authority and how to report repairs when they aren’t done:

Hope this helps, Elinor

Its unfortunate that it seems you have a bad landlord. I must say the landlord is creating a rod for their own back. Firstly by not investigating mould and leeks in his property, he could end up with major repairs to his property in the future. Of course you can leave, landlords rarely hold you to your tenancy contract if your not happy, and you have given him sufficient notice. The landlord will have to do the repairs for a new tenant.

Minor repairs, is it worth asking the landlord if you can have someone come look at it yourself, and check with the landlord before going ahead when you have an estimate.

Hi there, is it a coincidence or the house you are talking about is situated on The Avenue Tottenham? I had the same problem, try to hold the rent to get his attention as I had. Wanted to leave the deposit as he is clearly dishonest and would cause problem to give my deposit back. His mame is Mark Nicholson who rents under other person’s name called Rose. There is no law to protect us. Only for who has money to pay a lawyer. I want to go to the newspapers