Landlord/letting agent won't respond to repairs requests

Hi, we moved in Oct 2020 on a 6 mth short term assured tenancy; at the end we moved on to rolling month contract. There’ve been issues since we first arrived - nothing’s ever been repaired/fixed. I know we’ve been through Covid etc but do think that something should have been done by now.
So, as we’re on the rolling contract, how much do you think we can push getting the landlord/agent to respond to emails and actually fix things? We repaired something ourselves! Are we leaving ourselves open to being told to go by asking for action?

What sort of repairs are you talking about? The landlord has a statutory duty to keep the essentials in repair, (see HHSRS), but not cosmetic damage. That’s something that most good landlords would wish to do, but not something you can compel them to do

Hi David 122, Thanks for responding. The boiler timer doesn’t work, there’s a mould problem in the bathroom because the extractor fan’s never worked (windows have been open all summer), there’s a window problem and several other areas that I don’t really want to publicise too widely in case the landlord’s looking!

Call environmental health at the council
Dealing with boiler issues and mould is a category 1 hazard and should be dealt with immediately

The items you have described are certainly the landlord’s responsibility. Shop him/her to the council.

Thanks A_A and Nilesh - you’ve said what I’ve been thinking! Have always paid rent on time and advised agent of issues as soon as they occurred. I’m just worried that as I’m now on a rolling monthly contract the landlord could give notice and I’ve got nowhere to go. Do I have any legal redress if this happens do you think?

If you go to court with outstanding works he will not have a leg to stand on

Really! Thanks A_A; good to know. We have records of every time we’ve contacted the agent.

I have just realised if he serves a s21 he can evict but if you have an improvement order it will stop him for 6 months after the order is served
A s8 will not be as successful with works outstanding
TBH Get the landlord to do the works

Thanks A_A - I wish I could, but he’s just not playing ball! I’ll have to investigate getting an improvement order :frowning: :thinking:

I dont think you’d get an improvement order for the things you mention unless the mold is really severe or the window problem is a major security issue. You might get an advisory notice, but that doesn’t invalidate a s21 notice

I’ve ask my landlord to do repairs over the last 8-9 months and I’ve had to contact environmental health, they have now issued the landlord with a notice of repair yesterday morning and yesterday afternoon I get a section 21 notice, anyone else in the same situation as me. Would like to hear how you dealing with it, Thanks

The s21 notice will be invalid due to the retaliatory eviction legislation. You are at liberty to ignore it.

this is an idiot landlord who by his instant actions has just stitched himself up

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