About sending papers in private messages to a landlord

Hi! I’m a bit anxious about a situation that I’ve been meeting lately!
I’ve found a property on this website I never used before so I didn’t know how this site is working. So I’ve send a message to the landlord that I want to see the property I’ve met with one person which said is living now there and the landlords are abroad and he is helping them to find new tenants everything ok he put us in contact with lady Lea M. Who is renting flat 6 hazeltree lodge 16-18 Hazelwood lane we made all the process true the application everything fine and after that she asked all the documents in private messages id , bank statements,statement status which we gave to her and we asked her for a response so we would know we will keep looking for properties or not and she keeps telling that’s she is abroad and her husband the same and we have to wait for him to come back from business meetings and travel and we have to meet with some neighbours that she might have.so I said to my husband that she is nothing more than a time waster and we can’t wait longer . So now I’m very worried about that papers we gave to her !

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At least inform bank of possible fraud re bank info

I’ll do that but my question is this property and this landlord safe for other people?because it’s one more thing about this property, it’s been listed on an agency 1 month ago and rented so that’s why I’ve been a bit confused .

And open rent don’t do nothing than apology, that’s insane to me

If you think there is something untoward about the behaviour of these people have a quick visit to the local plod and air your suspicions, no harm done if all ok if not you may have saved someone from serious problems or worse.

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Thats if you can find a cop shop open nowdays.

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